Listen and build the products your customers love

Aligning your customer success and product teams do not have to be complex. Bridge this connection through seamless flow of ideas, requests and queries to understand your customers need and build awesome products that your customers love.

How it Works

Integrate Zendesk to GitHub/Azure

1. Sign-In & Connect your Zendesk platform to Azure DevOps or GitHub.

2. Manage tickets/issues through easy to use interface and setup.

3. Setup permissions, preferences and repositories.

User Friendly

Simple to create tickets to work items from Zendesk to your AzureDevops or GitHub.

Seamless Integration

All the updates, comments and tags get synced seamlessly and in realtime.

Quick setup

Easy setup with Oauth2 authentication without much configuration or steps to get you started.

What can SlayHub Integration do?

SlayHub helps your customer facing teams of Zendesk to connect with your product repositories of Azure DevOps or GitHub. This helps your avoid any enhance tracking the inflow of requests, issues or bugs thus helping you serve your customers better.

Create Work Items

With a simple to do action, create, update or link your customer tickets and update your product teams of priority actions. Set you custom tags, link it to right sprint teams.


Send and sync comments between your customer facing and product teams. Decide what comments to be seen public vs private. Add attachments to understand the issues clearly.

Secure data

SlayHub does not store your data, it helps bridge your Zendesk platforms to DevOps or GitHub repositories. All the information is passed through Oauth authentication, removing any need for us to access your data.